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     The European Court is the longest tradition of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES team of lawyers and experts, Mrs. Diana-Elena Dragomir being one of the best reputed defenders of the rights guaranteed by the European Convention in the cases trialed at the Court of Strasbourg, both against Romania and against other states, such as Great Britain, Italy, Germany or Moldavia.

     For more than nineteen years before the European Court, the team headed by lawyer Diana-Elena Dragomir successfully pleaded hundred of cases, some of which especially ample and significant, other nouvelle-affaires, which led to the change of the national legislation as a result of the condemnation decisions ruled by the European Court.

     Our clients, individuals, commercial companies or NGOs, who were daring enough to champion their rights at the European Court, the trust that justice would be done at Strasbourg and the confidence that our professional team best represents their interests, managed most of the times to obtain integral remedy of the damages incurred.