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Family lawyer

     They say everyone should study at least one year of law, in order to be able to manage the various legal issues, implicit in society and family. DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES offer the services of a ”Family lawyer”, professional and specialised in all legal domains in which you or your family would need consultancy, assistance and representation, guaranteeing full confidentiality and the best expertise.

     You are hereby invited to consult the ”Family Lawyer” whenever you need legal advice or to clarify a life issue or situation from a juridical point of view. It is always more efficient to prevent than to mend.

     Contact the ”Family lawyer” of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES whenever you want to make an investment, to buy a house, some land, shares or social parts, to conclude a transaction or a matrimonial convention, or whenever you want to know which is the best modality to protect and insure your goods.

     The ”Family lawyer” of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES belongs to a very professional team of lawyers and experts, so you will benefit from the best possible solutions.

     The ”Family lawyer” is in a position to advise, support and assist you in the process to recover the goods that belong to your family, in the issues relating to inheritance, wills, donations, maintenance contracts, but also in the domestic conflicts and the ones with your neighbours.

     The ”Family lawyer” would always stand by you, competently and professionally assisting you in difficult moments brought about by divorce, partition by court, custody of a minor child, visiting programme, domicile establishing of a minor, child support, minor return based on the Hague Convention, establishing guardianship and custody.

     The ”Family lawyer” would also stand by you if you are the victim of a crime, assisting you in criminal matters to recover the damages you incurred, as a civil party or as an aggrieved party in the criminal proceedings.

     In case criminal charges are brought against you or one of your family members, immediately call the ”Family lawyer” of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES! You will instantly benefit from the best assistance and representation and will be unconditionally supported by all our team of lawyers and experts. You thus avoid a publicly appointed lawyer and have the guarantee of the best defense.