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Anton Niculescu - IBM Bucharest Software Lab Director, European PM Leader, COE Executive

     Lawyers are needed to helps us assert our rights in often stressful situations both emotionally and financially. The truth is that nobody wants to hire a lawyer, but in everyone’s life circumstances will conspire where we need to do so. It is during those trying times that partnering with the right lawyer will make all the difference. When the time comes, and it inevitably will, we are all looking for the same thing:  a lawyer we can trust.

     A lawyer we can trust to know the law, to be principled and honest, open and fair, who will identify with our issues and needs in often life-changing events. If any of these elements are lacking, the relationship will break-down, with disastrous, expensive, repercussions.

     Throughout my life, I found myself in need of legal advice and engaged several lawyers but the comfort level was missing. Four years ago, a friend recommended Mrs. Diana Elena Dragomir and subsequently she became my lawyer.

     The difference between the previous lawyers and my current one?  I trust Mrs. Dragomir, I trust my lawyer.