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       Mrs Diana-Elena Dragomir, founder of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES, received the Excellence Award in the Development of the Legal Profession in the European Court of Human Rights Category (ECHR) at the first edition of the Lady Lawyer Gala organised by Legal Magazin Events on the 24th of October at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest.

       Over time, Mrs Diana-Elena Dragomir has been involved in many important cases brought to the European Court of Human Rights, cases which eventually determined a change in national legislation. The most recent success of this kind is the decision delivered by the ECHR in the case of Mateescu v. Romania. The ECHR decided that practising law is compatible with practising medicine – a premiere in European law.

       “As we well know, humankind has always progressed due to people who dared to think that they deserved more and could do better. Dr. Mircea Mateescu’s determination to practise law made it possible for me to receive this award, which honors me and strengthens my conviction that it is always worth fighting for our rights. Up to the ECHR! All the way!”, said Mrs Diana-Elena Dragomir, founder of DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES.

      The Lady Lawyer Gala was a first in Romania and celebrated women lawyers who have managed to make a name for themselves in this profession, to have successful careers but also to show that, in Romania, women are a true force in the practice of law.

     On the 14th of January 2014, in the case of Mateescu v. Romania, the European Court based in Strasbourg (ECHR) decided, as a premiere in European law, that practising law is not incompatible with practising medicine. As a result of this ruling against Romania, the State must change its legislation in order to allow the simultaneous practice of medicine and law, so that the ECHR does not rule against it in the future for violating the provisions of the European Convention.